Bridging Health & Community
Improving Health Through Community Agency


Improving Health Through Community Agency

What is health? 

When communities are asked, they include things like financial security, safety, nourishing relationships and being able to do what matters to them.

The health sector defines health as the absence of disease, measured biologically. It conceptualizes the above as the ‘social determinants of health’ – the social conditions that pose a risk to health. 

Yet research has made clear that risk factors alone cannot fully explain why people are healthy or sick. The missing link is whether people have a sense of control over their lives. This requires 'agency' – the ability to make purposeful choices.

Our aim is to grow the field of practice that fosters the agency of communities as a way to improve health. 

With health care costs rising dramatically, risk factor based approaches struggling, and health disparities continuing to widen, it’s time to recognize fostering community agency as key to the future of health. 

Forthcoming Presentations

  • October 3, Greenville Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Summit, Vidant Health, Greenville, NC
  • October 20, In conversation with the CEO of NHS England, Festival of the Future City, Bristol, England
  • November 1, Indiana Hospital Association Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN
  • November 8: Annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, Atlanta, GA
  • November 15-17, Putting Care at the Center, National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, Los Angeles, CA

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