Bridging Health & Community
Improving Health Through Community Agency


Structuring Your Strategic Approach 

We coach institutions concerned with community health and willing to explore the potential of community agency.

If you’re based at a hospital system, insurer, health department or funder, we can help you structure a strategic approach that’s more likely to lead to sustainable improvements in your community’s health.

Building on the principles that describe the field, we’ll help you understand the underlying evidence, convince key stakeholders and create tactical plans. And we’ll connect you with innovative colleagues from the Creating Health Collaborative.


We’ll show how you can foster community agency as part of your current initiatives to address the social determinants of health or collaborate across sectors. It’s not about changing what you do; it’s about changing how you do it.

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Organizations Seeking to Partner with Health

We know the health sector isn’t the only system that improves a community’s health. All sorts of community-based organizations have been doing this work for years. 

Our coaching can help you describe and connect the benefits of your work to the financial, technical, and human resources that the health sector has to offer.


But we know improving health is only part of what you do. We’ll help you describe your benefits to the health sector without diminishing your other benefits.

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Coaching, Not Consulting

We’re not like other consultancies in the health sector. We won't 'helicopter in', share our knowledge and then leave. We'll coach you to embrace a different way of working. We'll build on your knowledge because we know that you know your community. And we'll support you through the work, as much or as little as you want. You'll be in control.  

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