Bridging Health & Community
Improving Health Through Community Agency


Transforming Community Health Strategies

We’re recruiting five organizations wanting to foster the agency of communities as part of their community health strategy 

We’ll coach you through a four-phase process designed to help you develop an evolved strategy aligned with the importance of agency to health:

  1. Understanding your current community health strategy
  2. Getting a sense of how ready the organization is to embrace the importance of community agency
  3. Envisioning what’s possible in your local context 
  4. Capturing next steps to help you develop an implementation plan

Read the full announcement (published August 24, 2017).


Whether you’re part of a payer, a provider, a community-based organization, public health or a foundation, we are interested to hear from you. We’ll show how you can foster community agency as part of your current initiatives to address the social determinants of health or collaborate across sectors. 

Our tool to apply the 12 principles

Our tool to apply the 12 principles

Informed by the 12 principles for fostering the agency of communities, and aided by our tool to apply the principles into practice, we’ll work with you to develop an evolved strategy.

Generative Learning 

The five organizations will form a ‘learning cohort’ that, through 2018, will share their experiences to learn from each other. 

The Team 

The work will be delivered by our highly-experienced leadership team, in partnership with Collaborative Consulting. 

Bridget B Kelly


Before co-founding Bridging Health & Community, Bridget led a portfolio of policy analysis at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine integrating multidisciplinary perspectives in areas such as early childhood, HIV, chronic diseases, and evaluation science. 

Margaret Hawthorne


Margaret is the former Director of Strategy for the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, where she currently serves as strategic advisor. She has spent over 15 years in: strategy and program management; innovation; system, process and team design; and evaluation across a variety of health-related sectors.

Lori Peterson


As Founder and CEO of Collaborative Consulting, Lori helps health and social care translate new models of care and reimbursement into viable opportunities for growth. With her background in psychology and organizational development, Lori is adept at helping clients become comfortable with new ways of operating.

Pritpal S Tamber

Pritpal S Tamber.jpg

Before co-founding Bridging Health & Community, Pritpal was the Physician Editor of TEDMED, Medical Director of Map of Medicine, a clinical quality improvement company, and Editorial Director for Medicine at BioMed Central, the company that pioneered open access publishing.

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